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problem is that there are some advantages to the way that links are structured now. For instance, if a link has been visited before, which the browser knows based off of your web history, the browser can push along the loading speed and help the page pop up faster. Plus, it’s sometimes visually useful to know whether or not you’ve clicked on something before in, say, a Google search or on your Reddit home page.

Callout Heading

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I never wear white
White is for virgins
Children in summer
Brides in the park… 
My color is black black black
Black is for secrets
Outlaws and dancers
For the poet of the dark

Snow Day

Snow Day

Listen to a LIVE version of  Snow Day from A Winter\’s Tune 2011!


Test Mosaic

by Ted Bergin
by Ted Bergin

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Not sure why it\’s different than a TEXT Box but there you go…

[themify_button color=\”#eee\” ]Press Forward[/themify_button]

Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec – convert and test codecs – lots of control and “industrial strength”
Full price $435
Educational discount : $235 (maybe they’d qualify)

Hey, hey, hey – callin out around the world – this is a call out box that can have a button on it.

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