People Saying Goodbye

© 2010 J. Oscar Bittinger

You could be on your own
And I could be out on the sea
And we may have only known
Being lost in the crowds on the street
As a child watches departing trains
Waving to angels he sees
A traveler’s tears fall in the rain
As evening commuters break free

Fare thee well
My love goes with thee
Come home
Please come home to me

All over this town today
People are saying goodbye
An affair in a final embrace
The grand lady closes her eyes
A baby bounced on her mother’s hip
Reaches out for her father’s worn hand
A plane leaves on a long distance trip
And a soldier receives his command


In the mist along the great inland lake
A young woman searches for beautiful stones
A sailor boy watches and waits
Safe on the shore
But far from his home

TVs have been turned off
Bar rags are hung up to dry
The weather outside is soft
With the warm rains that come in July
A phone rings down an empty street
And it rings, and it rings and it rings
It’s a long walk to the station at three
Down the platform somebody sings

CHORUS 2x – switch order 2nd time


2004: April 3 | 2009: November 8