Biographery J Oscar Writes and Plays Modern Folk That Pops

J Oscar Bittinger brings a beat guitar case full of stories. They’ve been collected in travel, borrowed from strangers, picked up off the floors of barrooms and bedrooms, fished from friends and made up from real life. The stories get woven into songs that take the shape of folk, rock, Irish and pop music. Sometimes they sound like poems, sometimes like fables, some may require a tissue and others might make you want to dance. Whether they are serious or not, they sound the best when you sing along.

J Oscar has toured as a singer-songwriter and with Pillar of Fire, The Folk Bros, Oxter/Mahone, OctoberDay and other project bands like the Tribal Bankers and The Young Soul Pretenders. He produced (and is reviving) the beloved holiday singer-songwriter showcase “A Winter’s Tune”.