On Holiday

© 2010 J. Oscar Bittinger

Packed the luggage late at night
So many things left to get done
Went to bed exhausted
Got up with the sun
Morning sky is blue
And there is not a hint of rain
Don’t miss that train!

We’re on holiday (on holiday)
We don’t have a care
We’re on holiday (on holiday)
All our time is spare
We’re on holiday (on holiday)
This is our mad affair

We can see the sights
Talk for hours at cafes
If we stay up all night
We’ll siesta in the shade
Don’t plan for anything
Gonna ride the river’s flow
Down at the pub they know


Strolling along the shore
To see what we can find
Seashells and creatures from the brine
Anywhere we go is fine
We’ve got time
We’ve got time…..
We’re on holiday… (3x)
Follow the sun down to the sea



EDITS: Lettermore Island, Co. Galway; 1995: July | 2005: August 31 | 2010: May 23, 25