Snow Day

© 2011 J Oscar Bittinger

Snow came down at the rush hour height
5:30 snake of red taillights
Every thing starts to s-l-o-w  d-o-w-n  n – o – w
Heat on high, the wipers work hard
It’s a whiteout! Can barely see the very next car
Makes you wish you were behind a big snowplow
Back at home, it’s beautiful
Starry flakes, big and cold
Stomp your boots off, come in where it’s warm

It’s snowing outside
Looks like it’s going to stay
It’s snowing outside
(Could be) It’s a SNOW DAY

(And in the morning)
News report says “schools are closed”
Big drifts cover parking lots and roads
Offices and shops – all shut down
No hurry drinking your morning cup
Help the little ones bundle up
Shovel a path to speed the postman on his rounds


Overnight the day you planned has all been changed
Bless the weather for the unexpected gift you gained
It’s all arranged
Cause it’s snowing!

Throw a snowball at a telephone pole
Feel like a kid that’s skipping school
When’s the last afternoon you took to play
Not many squabbles that can’t be fixed
With hot chocolate and cinnamon sticks
Makes you wish you had another day (when)


EDITS: 2005: | 2006: August 27 | 2008: November 8 | 2011: August 13, 20, 26, 28; September 7