Bully Boys

Bully Boys
Hangin’ out on the street corner
Bully Boys
Gotta a sneer for everybody
Bully Boys
In a gang you can talk much bigger
Bully Boys
Always pickin’ on someone weaker

You can say what you want to me
But you leave my family outta this
I walk soft but keep a clenched fist
Against you, you

Bully Boys
Marchin’ round in a war party
Bully Boys
Scare the little ones to steal their candy
Bully Boys
Get your victim in a shoving circle
Bully Boys
Out where teacher can find you

All the kids on the playground got to
Do things your way OR ELSE
(Or else..) they got a beating coming
From one of you
Bully Boys

Neighborhood’s on edge
Wond’rin what’s gonna happen next
They say you need protection
(But they’re makin’ all the threats…)
Once you think they got you beat
Bullies gonna rule your street
But the cornered mouse jumps the farthest
The little dog bites back the hardest

Bully Boys
You can’t please ‘em and you can’t reason with
Bully Boys
Ain’t gonna run from you no more
Bully Boys
Make an alliance with no allegiance to
Bully Boys
Gonna even up the score

Maybe we’ll meet down by the river
Where the ice is thin
Wanna be better than the bully
But some never back down till the boot’s put in
You got to give it back to those
Bully Boys
Today may be the day
That they run away….

2005: August 1, 2, 8, 9 | 2009: May 10; June 19, 20 | 2010: September 2, 18