Tell Me Molly

© 1988 J. Oscar Bittinger

Tell me Molly why can’t we
Pretend a while to be lovers?
Tell me Molly can it be
You’re surprised to discover
A playful friend am I
I see the sparkle in your eye
You re best boy’s gone
Do you ever wonder why?
Tell me Molly, why can’t we?

Tell me Molly, now and then
Would you like to see a change of weather?
Tell me Molly, if and when
I’ll save a rainy day for good measure
You’re not too young to be naive
You’re not too old for make-believe
And nothing is alive without curiosity
Tell me Molly, if and when…


Tell me Molly, tell me soon
I’ve go to go and pack my suitcase
Tell me Molly, in my room
With your kiss and embrace
If only for a long, little while
I won’t compromise your style
And when you leave, I’ll leave you with a smile….
Tell me Molly, tell me soon


1988: April | 2011: September (combined 1 & 2nd verses and rewrote some of the lyric )

ARRANGEMENTS:  2000 Changed from 4/4 to 6/8 for use with Irish bands Oxter/Mahone and Dublin Station. 2009 Rearranged for solo play back to 4/4 but with a different rhythmic “push”;