2010 Into the Arms of May

The framing has been set, the walls and roof are in place and the trim and painting begun.

J. Oscar amused by the museThis website is “open while under construction” (no funky little animated yellow triangle worker graphic necessary). Thanks for visiting and hope you find a bit of info, fun, and music here.

A section called J.O.B. PRESENTS has been added to highlight Special Events I am producing or are taking part in (such as the Nick Fink’s Saloon Concert series referenced below). They will also be listed in the LIVE events list currently being assembled from scavenged parts….


Speaking of the Nick Fink’s Saloon Concert series – I will be introducing a NEW SONG at each of the 6 concerts. I’ll post a post-concert version so, if you can’t be there, you can hear it here (and perhaps at Octoberday.com – also being revised…)

Update (2010-05-03): Karisa Wilson has joined the July 9 Saloon Concert bill featuring Dave Boutette!

These “construction updates” may eventually become a blog, but for now you can keep up with pictures and social blarney on Facebook – please add me to your FBFs; it’ll be like having coffee!

Cheers!  =J. Oscar