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OPEN-to-the-SKY @ SiTE:LAB

“Open to the Sky” @ SiTE:LAB

314 Straight Street Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504


6:45 • J Oscar Bittinger (introduction & 2 songs)
7:00 • The Far Shore 
8:00 • FADE (Marley Ferguson)
9:00 • Lady Ace Boogie

Doors at 6:30p – come in and get acquainted with SiTE:LAB’s “Critical Infrastructure” venue and installation 2 beer selections from Brewery Vivant Br-ale & Farmhand + 1 wine selection will be available at the cash bar (offsetting production costs)
Music at 6:45p

“Open to the Sky” Facebook Event Page

The show will take place in a space adjacent to/behind the Tanglefoot Artists Community. (You may have attended one or more of the annual Tanglefoot Building Artist open house / art sales that have been presented over the past 42 years).

The SiTE:LAB project “Critical Infrastructure” is an “architectural intervention- by Paul Armenta & Ted Lott in collaboration with Dis Arts for PROJECT[1] – It is a both a venue and an art installation. 

Performers have been asked to “react” to the PROJECT [1] theme of “Crossed lines”
and/or the “Open to the Sky” concept which include

  • a description of the physical space where the SiTE:LAB installation/venue is and
  • finding inspiration and agency, to create and explore perceptions of the world,
    personally and collectively
  • the way one might feel when released from difficult situation.

Evocative images, provided by the bands, or other event-related artists, will be projected in the ramped “Critical Infrastructure” venue/installation.


On approach to the SiTE:LAB venue, you are greeted by one of Amanda Browder‘s “vibrant fabric installations” – part of her  “Kaleidoscope” piece installed in several Project [1] venues. “Kaleidoscope” is a community created work that “turns building exteriors and other public sites into multi-colored sculptures”.