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Where You From? [Acoustic Routes #1]

“Where You From” is a studio-recorded collection of songs – as you would hear them by J Oscar at a solo live performance. Songs include “Like Kerouac”, “Some Distant Town”, “Your Confidant”, “Open Road”, “Here Comes the Rain”, and “Big Blue Sky” that span J Oscar’s acoustic based songwriting.

“Where You From?” is the first of a series called Acoustic Routes that will feature selections from live, in-studio, and archival recordings from J Oscar Bittinger – available on CD at shows and streaming from Bandcamp (where they are also available as digital downloads). 

This blog will offer weekly stories, photos and/or videos tracking the progress and painting in some details. And in case you want to sing along check out the LYRICS page

“Where You From?” is slated for July 1, 2022 release on CD.