Terms and Conditions

We hope you’ll listen to our artists and purchase MP3s of their music to take with you on your preferred player. With no copy protection to get in the way, you can responsibly share the music (while encouraging your friends to purchase a copy for themselves).

In some cases our songs are $1 USD. We kid that ours are –  “one better” (in the Spinal Tap sense) – but, really, it’s because the uplifted price gives artists (some times supporting a benefit cause) an extra inCENTive to offer music via Octoberday.

Licensing Guidelines

  1. Please enjoy Octoberday personally and with friends for noncommercial use.
  2. You may export, burn or copy Octoberday for your personal, noncommercial use.
  3. Feel free to use Octoberday on as many personal devices you own, but we’d appreciate you clear the storage on said device if you get rid of it. Unless of course you are giving it to a friend of family member – that’s OK.
  4. The Personal License granted by Octoberday when you purchase a downloadable product not all you use the music for commercial or promotional for advertising or selling products other than the music.
  5. If you DO wish to use the Octoberday products in a commercial setting (a usage that will earns the money for the user) – in a commercial, DJ-ing, as part of another composition (sampling), in a film, on youtube, or some other, as yet unrevealed fantastic media  – please contact us about a reasonable commercial or “mechanical” license.


Thanks for your patronage!
Sidney G. – Proprietor