Walkin’ Down’ A Country Lane

In the house too long
Radio on
Same old song
About hard times
Been a scufflin’ year
We’re not in the clear
But we’re still here
And the sun still shines
You wear your floppy hat and big old shades
I’m in my cargo pants and boots of suede

Let’s go walkin’
Walkin’ down a country lane
Easy rollin’
Strollin’ down a country lane
Let’s go walkin’
Down to the river bend
Maybe won’t come back again
Maybe we won’t come back again

Roads with no sidewalk
Turn devices off
Time to tease and talk
In the open air
Had to pump the breaks
Fix a few mistakes
Take the time it takes
To make repairs
You got some big plans that you want to try
I got herbs to plant and fish to fry


Time moves fast
On the overpass

We got to take it slow
So much gets past
It’s hard to grasp
How far along this road we have
yet to go

But let’s keep walking…

©2020 J Oscar Bittinger

Songsmiths group AUGUST 2020, prompt “rope” 2020: August 17-31
…though the rope has been removed…