The Waiting Garden

© 2002 J Oscar and Lauran Hardin

In the garden when the light shines
From the moon down on the stream
In the garden in the nighttime
I am waiting there for thee
In the garden where you promised
That your light would shine for me
I am waiting in the garden
But it’s getting late
I see
I am not afraid to wait for you
Though a chill is on my face
I am not afraid but wish that I
Could choose the time and place
In the garden I am not afraid
The large round moon a pill
I am not afraid to take it
But it’s hard to swallow

Waking from this fever dream
Behind a curtain drawn
Whispering voices speak to me
Of things that have gone on

The sickness takes you slowly
But it takes you I am sure
There’s a shadow on the ceiling
Are you ready for me, sir?
The pulse in my neck quickens
As I turn to (feel/take) the bite
But the vampire that’s inside of me will wait
Another night