Some Distant Town

I’d like to go to Arbor town
Green trees shade you on a sunny day
Lots to learn in Arbor town
But it seems so far away
Far away, far away

I’d like to go Dublin town
Jar of brown last you half a day
Work the pubs in Dublin town
Sing and play, sing and play
But it seems so far away
Yes it does

I’m a rover, I
Watch the skies
Time to go when there’s
Rain in my eyes
Some Distant Town
Where I’ve got no ties


I’m a sailor and
I watch the sea
Tide comes in and I’ve
Got to leave
Some Distant Town
It is calling me
Its a calling me

I’d like go to some southern town
Languid women got cards to play
I’d show my hand down in Charleston town
Win at hearts, take my pay
Win at hearts, take her away
Win at hearts, maybe I’ll…
Maybe I’ll