Open Road

© 2023 J Oscar Bittinger

By nine it’s hotter than a frying pan
Finished packed up the back of the old blue van
She come up running
“Ain’t no work in this spare parts town
Just nuts and bolts in an old can rattlin’ around
Sure to make you crazy”

Hey, Friend!
I want to get away
If just up the way
A better day might be waiting
Out on the OPEN ROAD

Left home and church and family
Asked forgiveness
For things not done or seen
In case I do ‘em someday….
Sweet green summer
Wind in your hair
A reckless feeling
To leave without a care
Never dread next Monday


Take blue highways past roadside attractions
Hand out the window like a wing
Though city lights offer distractions
We got time enough see
What time brings
Out on the open road!


1992: Aug | 2004: Mar | 2018: Aug 5 | 2023: Aug 8