One More Year (On Your Way)

©2021 J Oscar Bittinger

One more year in the rear view
Here’s to looking forward to another day
Hope you’re feeling hopeful
Still singing soulful
And I see you’re on your way
Again today

Maybe time makes you more cautious
I’m not as sure as I was yesterday
So many choices
Arguing voices
Try to change the course you’ve made
Everyday (sometime just to get paid)

Many of our childhood fears
Disappear along the way
New ones come to take their place
And change the dreams we thought would stay
But new dreams come — every day

You say you’re afraid of being lonely
Afraid to lay beneath that maple tree
Even if you marry
Part of you is always solitary
Maybe that’s the way it’s s’posed to be
Together yet free / Till we fall like leaves

Many of the games we learned
Get different rules as time goes by
Chase and catch, hide and seek
We learn to play and are still surprised
When sometimes we walk home — with the prize

So one more minute passes by you
One more minute of one more day
I’m **here** to tell you
That I. Love. You.
And sing you “Ha-ha-ppy Birth-day”
To celebrate – one more year
On your way

ORIGINAL: 1975: April :: EDITS: 1999:Nov | 2004: Aug | 2006: Oct | 2021: Sept 23-28