In Michigan

Worked on your cars
In factory towns
Walked on beaches of sand and stone
Watchin’ the sun go down
Sometimes I’m wishin’
I was stream fishin’
In Michigan

From elsewhere I flew
To find a northern nest
It cost me time and dreams
Somehow I still feel blessed
There’s always another test
And peace in the forests
Of Michigan

Some politics ain’t fair
Roads still need repair
People will treat you square
What they got they share
And there’s a lot everywhere
In Michigan

Modern mixed with tradition
Here we dance
You officials we elected
What we gonna do to
To give these kids a chance?!?

Found secret towns
Swam in sacred lakes
I’ve seen the Milky Way and Northern Lights
Right in front of my face
I don’t know where I’m bound
Sometimes that brings me down
But there’s open sky I’ve found
With my feet on the ground
Of Michigan