Every Summertime


© 2021  J Oscar Bittinger

Early birds wake you up with a song
Smell cut grass from a new mown lawn
Feel a bit ….high… walkin’ along
In the summertime

Getting hot take a break in the shade
Clouds drift and people parade
Run ‘cross the sand and jump in the waves
In the summertime

There’ll be music everywhere
And warm sunshine
You can feel it in the air

Road trip to a beach barbecue
Playin’ ball on a long afternoon
Plenty of time to have nothin’ to do
In the summertime


White sailboat on a bay of blue
Maybe romance will come and find you
Playful dresses ‘neath party lights
Breeze caresses skin in the heat of the night
Fields full of fireflies
At twilight


2010: May 2-9, 23, 25; June 2, 9; | 2021: May 18