Don’t You Worry

©2023 J Oscar Bittinger

Don't you worry 
Don't hold your breath and barely breath  
Most things are fine in time, so 
Don't you worry 
Don't worry what's to be  
"What's to be" is still a seed 
Plans will change 
They're always changing 
Things arranged 
Get rearranged  
And fall apart 
Try to keep an open heart
Don't you worry 
Doesn't do no-one no good 
Can't fix "might be" with "should". so 
Don't you worry 
Practice and prepare and trust  
And try to get some rest cause 
Fears drive hard 
Bargains and they're  
Hardly worth  
The interest payment spent  
On what may not be your debt

When you care so much
You can rush to doubt
Beware the urge
That will wear you out (with worry)

Don't you worry
If you can't figure out the shape
The mystery is great, so
Don't you worry
That it might be getting late
The closing door is not the only way
To get out
Or to get in
The show goes on
It's always playing
So come on
Let it begin again
Let's begin again

Don't you worry
Don't you worry