2010 June arrives sweet and demure

Ah, the early Summer, one of my favorite times of the year. The first truly warm days invite you to stretch on a grassy hill, watch clouds and people and thoughts drift by. (Well that what I like to do… there’s plenty of work as well…)

I dig being outside (even working) and love to play (and hear) music outdoors. Even though I love the sounds people make I have a particular fondness for the incomprehensibly beautiful music made by the non-human population of our planet.

I especially like the nighttime – feeling the currents of heat and cool as you move, the cricket songs and catching scents of flowers, grilling, tanning lotion, dryer-sheets (?!) and earthy tones as the twilight comes on. The night dome darkens and the stars come up though the trees and the city’s towers. It’s a beautiful thing to walk (or take a bike or scooter ride) beneath such a giant sky. Feeling small somehow feels big.

Living in Michigan you can end up on the rustic side of life without going to far. Being a small town lad I rather like that.Perhaps we’ll catch up, or get to swap songs, around a campfire or a music festival encampment this summer?

Speaking of bigness, Saloon Concerts @ Nick Fink’s have been drawing larger crowds the past few months. The last concert, with Drew Nelson and Daniel Bracken, was a hot show in every way. Check out some of the footage at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/7597626 We also have a heated July 9 show the features the tremendous soul and vibe of both Karisa Wilson and “The Campfire Kid” Dave Boutette…

And remember, we can keep up, via pictures and social blarney on Facebook – so add me to your FBFs!

While we are being social – do you have a cottage on Lake Michigan to rent?  I know of a lovely accordionist who’s looking for a retreat in July – I’ll pass your info along if you email job@octoberday.com or contact me on Facebook

For now, cheers!  =J. Oscar

PS: The title (above) is a line from “Every Summertime” that was moved to a “prelude” to the song (when I just couldn’t give it up…)  “Every Summertime” debuted at the June 11 Saloon Concert – and it will be one of the “4 Songs 4 Summer” on offer.