Down in Our Hometown

Known her just a while and I think she’s fine
But everybody says she the “troubled kind”
Ain’t a “bad girl” just faraway and moody
Not satisfied with roses and a movie (cause)

She don’t fit in
A small town sin
Loves her kin
But she ain’t like them
There’s no do doubt
She’s a diamond found
But she’ll get ground down in our hometown
She’ll be ground down in our home town

Took her down to the quarry on my motorbike
Jumped in the water on a steamy night
We laugh and tease, talk out on the sand bar
Tells me ‘bout all the places she’s gone so far

Where she don’t fit in….

Beneath the shade tree in the field
Crickets sing at twilight time
Beneath the shade tree in the field
She whispers what’s on her mind

Kids are headed off to college when the summer’s through
Maybe I’ll stay with the County crew
She wants to paint Paris
Chase pigeons though the rundown streets of Rome
Between you and me
I hope she ends up
Right back

(Where) she don’t fit in….