February 2012 – Resting? Skirlling! FAWMing! Updating!

It was supposed to be a snowy cold, containing February – a time of rest; a time to regenerate, make plans for the future and re-associate the past. Coming after a dark and blustery January I’d be used to staying indoors, introverted, guitar and writing pad at the ready. Subverted!

“Snow Day” is about the surprise and excitement of discovering the world has been snowed in, subverted from it’s normal course, for a day. It was the picked for the 15th and Final A Winter’s Tune because it is such a shared Michigan experience. (The Merry Band – with Joleen Rumsey of The Icicles & Ribbons of Song singing harmonies – performed it with sled-hill abandoned). Unfortunately, with no snow, it’s hard to have, much less share the experience… Come, on, Winter!

For the past few years, Winter has also encouraged FAWMing (which stands for “February Album Writing Month”). I love the outburst of creativity that unleashes some wacky, unhinged, terse, playful, and heartfelt songs on the world. I’m approaching the challenge of “14 songs in 28 days” (it being a leap year, it’s actually 14 and a half songs in 29 days…) with a more relaxed attitude than the past few years. Then, I was feeling the stress of completing the assignment plus competing with other songwriters. . Some folks take it very seriously and others are in it for the thrill of the ride. This year I’m just setting the controls on glide. Listen in, or try your hand, at FAWM.ORG (fawm.ORG …not, .com, …all apologies to any who followed the incorrect link….)

The Girls of SkirlThe two lovely lasses to the right, singers and songwriters Karisa Wilson and Susan Picking asked me to join them for a couple St. Patrick’s Day shows. We call this project Skirl (meaning “to emit the high shrill tone of the (bagpipe) chanter; also : to give forth music“). Expect to hear “songs and tunes from the Emerald Islands to the Americas” at The County Seat Lounge in Hastings (info in the right sidebar). We will “emit music” and hopefully you will not emit beer though your nostrils…

Just in case you are in, or going to be in, the Houghton Lakes area on March 31 and would like to hear the first sounds from a new Pop-Rock project I’m working on – write sid@octoberday.comfor info and an invitation. Seating is limited,  do it now!

Changes coming, to this site and to it’s namesake. Stop by in the next few weeks or sign up for the mailing list and I’ll let you know what and when.

Yes, those are new specs, and though not visible above, the fine new hair shape is courtesy of NONA Salon ….