Holly Jolly Holiday

MUSIC © 2012 J. Oscar Bittinger LYRICS © 2008 J Oscar Bittinger & Lauran Hardin

CHORUS Friends and lovers we’ll be toasting The old chestnuts we’ll be roasting Even though the sky is mostly gray (We still sing) Deck the halls And oh, by golly We’re going to have a Holly Jolly Holiday We’ll sing these blues away
Bring down the decorations Set the lights in anticipation Everybody gonna gather here tonight Stack the wood and clear the walk Mix an eggnog that’ll make ‘em talk Stoke the fire and set it burning bright (tonight)
Greet folks ‘neath the mistletoe Kiss a cheek red from the cold Steve and Edie, Frank and Mel Tormé (we’ll play) Faces glow in candlelight Talking ’bout who’s been naughty and nice Leave behind the worries of the day (OK, yeah!)
Raise a glass to those who’ve gone before Say a prayer for those at war Give thanks to those who lift us up Hard times may come Bring us back to those we love
EDITS: : 2008: November 24;  December 4