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  • Sun

    Room 10 Revue - Ralston Bowles, MIchael Crittenden, Josh Rose and J Oscar Bittinger

    7:00 pm

    Salt of the Earth
    114 E Main St
    Fennville, Michigan 49408

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    Room 10 at the Birchwood Inn, north of Harbor Springs along M-119, can be an fine, though somewhat unassuming, room for most of the year. But when "Lamb's Retreat for Songwriters" hits town, Room 10 becomes a different place.

    Room 10 is known by many retreaters as the outpost of "The Grand Rapids Gang" (thought to be some sort of "wild bunch"). Its a little loud, it's open late in the evening, and it can be a bit intimidating if you came seeking a quiet meditative experience...

    Michael Crittenden and Josh Rose may be the "key holders," but once they set up camp there, it becomes a cottage porch, a camp kitchen, a community living room. You are welcome to come in and play a song, sing along with one being sung, drink a few whatevers, laugh loud and stay up past bed time. Bring a lot of braggage or bullshit and you won't last long. Bring a bottle to pass, a tasty snack, good humor and/or honest songs; you can stick around.

    So that's what this Sunday evening is going to be. Good humor, good food, good friends and some honest , enjoyable music. And J Oscar will get you to sing along.

    So frick yeah, it’s Sunday, so what! Y’all come.



  • Wed

    Recording For 2015 Release

    Every free minute

    No shows schedule while working on recording for 2015 - inquire about dates for June 2015 on!

  • Fri

    Summer Song Circle - July Edition


    Richard App Gallery
    910 Cherry Street
    Grand Rapids, MI

    You are invited to a great music sessions with four amazing artists! Austin Songwriter Michael Fracasso, Ralston Bowles, Olivia Mainville, and J Oscar Bittinger in a Summer song circle at Richard App Gallery

    All is welcome but seating is limited. Please call the Richard App Gallery at 616-458-4226 to make a reservation for tickets. See you then!

    $10 Door/Day-of-show
  • Sun

    cHURCH oF mONIKA - Sunday Songwriter Session [Site:LAB]

    Noon-6:00 pm

    cHURCH oF mONIKA is part of the Site:LAB Rumsey Street installation for ArtPRIZE 2015. Monika Wuhrer's ( entry features performers of all kinds doing 20 minute session at the cHURCH. I am unofficially "adMINSTERator" (commandeer really) for a day of performances on Sunday (from noon to 6:00p).

    Artists will be performing within there own styles, but expect some experimentation within and outside those typical boundries.

    We'd love to share our religion (music) with you.