Big Blue Sky

© 2010 J. Oscar Bittinger

It’s a Big Blue Sky Perfect Autumn day Sun is high Headed on our way ‘Neath a Big Blue Sky Golden autumn day Troubles blow out the window Like leaves they fall away ‘Neath the Big Blue Sky Hard to be alone We get all wrapped up In our thoughts along this road Neath a Big Blue Sky Moving on or coming home Love is still a mystery The best I’ve ever known


Yes it’s a Big Blue Sky An old master might paint Red, gold and brown Reflected in the lake Neath a Big Blue Sky Before the daylight fades Like geese on the horizon Just might fly away Into the Big Blue Sky (3x)  
Edits: 2008: Oct | 2009: Jul 29, Oct 30, Nov 8,9 | 2011: Aug (removed bridge) | 2014: Jun 15, Oct 1, 5