THANKS for a great Saloon Concert series!

THANK YOU to ALL the artists: Dan Bracken, Dave Boutette, Dave Hardin, Drew Nelson, Tim Pak, Josh Rose, Brant Satala, Mark D. Schrock, Michael Van Houten, and Karisa Wilson who played (and to JEN SYGIT, SAM CORBIN, The FOLK BROS and VALENTIGER who were scheduled before the series ended.

All told, it was a footstomping, hand clapping, humorous, smart, poetic and heartfelt series of music nights in the old saloon called Nick Fink’s.

PRODUCTION THANKS: to Chuck Peterson (Internet Broadcast Producer), Nona (Door Goddess), Samantha Searl (Empress of Entrances), Mary Willey (Internet Community Agent), Laura Bittinger (L’Accordionista, free-agent accompanist), Kristine and Micahael Carpenter for photos (see Facebook, soon to be posted to

BEST WISHES to champion Jessica Endress (supportive General Manager @ Fink’s), ever-helpful Angie and the rest of the Nick Fink’s (and Gilmore Collection) crew!