And the work/fun’s begun…

After just shy of 50 webcast shows of Freewheelin’ w/J Oscar, and 2 years of pandemic isolating, it’s time to record songs newly written and past favorites. But while I’ve been perfecting recording and playing skills the raw, solo versions seem to be what many relate to most directly.

Well alright then, with new live shows to play, a recoding of those favorite songs, the way they get played live for folks seems to be the way . So the journey begins. 

The first 3 songs I’ve been working on are “Some Distant Town”, “River of Delight” and a new/old one – “Home from the Fields” (a lyric co-write with Lauran Hardin). 

May 16, 2022

Added lyrics to the website for “Some Distant Town”, “Walkin’ Down a Country Lane” and updated “One More Year (On Your Way)” – all songs being recorded for the Where You From CD.

Setting limits on what I’m using to record the songs, which is helping restrain the urge to “make the pie larger”… This is a good thing. I think.